About Us

We are Cal Playgrounds

The year was 1992. The location in San Ramon at the 120-year old historic David Glass house. It was an exciting place to start a new business because of the historic nature of the old house and ranch. Two members of a family rented the former parlor and a part of the yard for displaying playground equipment. The new business, California Playgrounds, was formed here. It was to focus on commercial playground equipment for a target market that barely existed.

The energetic family loved the concept of what a playground could provide for the school, institution or the community. They had ideas and worked on implementing them. In 2000, the State of California adopted a bold mandate to require all playgrounds to comply with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines. That was the beginning of the transformation of playgrounds in California, and then across the whole county. California Playgrounds has participated in all the changes year after year.

The real roots of this business extend to 1977 when that same family started a small mail order business in Oregon to provide “action-oriented toys” for their son, Eric. A small ad in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times introduced these products to California. Imagine they excitement they experienced when Muhammed Ali’s mother (yes, mother of the very famous fighter) called to order one for the champ’s family and friends.

After the family moved to the Bay Area, they started a retail outlet, The Climbing Tree. It became a major supplier of backyard playground equipment for about 12 years.

Now California Playgrounds is launching a new phase: employee-ownership and concentration on using 21st Century tools to provide the best in information and service.