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California Playgrounds play structure for Triceratops playground structure
California Playgrounds play structure for H609



We help you discover the right play structure for your needs, work together to customize your playground equipment project.  We offer surfacing, shade structures, furnishings, as well as installation and services.

California Playgrounds has provided the highest quality in playground structures, safety surfacing, shade structures and site furnishings for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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We cover all services for each one of our customers. We provide all products necessary on the market, contractors who are qualified in this field. We also do site visits and project planning in all of our service areas. We help plan your project from start to finish, and take pride in the customer satisfaction.

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Playground Categories

We offer a wide range of playgrounds to meet every need.

We provide some of the best quality playgrounds on the market that provide the highest child safety.

These playstructures are perfect for kids who are getting older, and interested in upper body play activities, like climbing.

Need more than just a playground? We can provide swings, wooden themes, fitness structures, and so much more!

These models are specifically designed for All ages. They will have both components for bigger children and for small children.

These small sized playground models are perfect for those small, limited places.

These models are specifically designed for preschools which are from 2-5 years of age.

These models are not only perfect for park and recreation, they include limitless designs and colors to help find your perfect playground.

Choose from a variety of swings, motion toys, themed playgrounds, playhouses, balance equipment and more.  Create a fun and unique play space.