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Swings can no longer be attached to playstructures. Since the impact absorbing clearance requirements are very high, this increases the cost of surfacing.

Single Post

Use Zone: 32′ X 34′

Pictured with two bays, one with belt swings, one with toddler swing This one is 8’ high.

Arch Swings

Use Zone: 32′ X 48′

Pictured with 3 bays, all belt swings. (Each may must have 2 of same kind of swings). 8’ high (also available in 10’ high). All colors available

Tripod Swings

Use Zone 32’ X 30’

Shown with 1 Bay belt swings. 8 ft high (also available in 10’ high) More bays can be added.

Tire Swing

Use Zone: 32’ X 27’

7’ high


Wooden playstructures are the most creative available. They lend themselves to unique designs. The natural look is very appealing. No toxic preservatives are ever used.


Use Zone: 25′ X 43′

Delightful boat them with decks, ships bow and steering wheel, access climbers, a roof and slide.


Use Zone: 24′ X 53′

This model looks great in any setting. Natural wood, a slide, lots of decks and places to play.


Use Zone 46’ X 49’

Beautifully designed with 3 wooden decks with wood roofs. A central hex deck with overhead climber and climbing wall and two side decks with slide, climbers and turret roofs.


Use Zone: 42’ X 44’

This beautiful design is larger than it appears. It can accommodate up to 64 kids. It includes many decks, 8 different climbers. 2 different overheads, a firepole, a steering wheel and 2 slides.



The Orbis System has the greatest selection of high quality upper body, balance and move through equipment. Traditional structures also have many options for fitness.

Orbis System

Use Zone: Custom

Our premiere fitness structures.

HO 0089

Use Zone: Custom

Use zone is not given, since all are custom designed for your chosen activities. This model includes 20 different activities. Lots of upper body, balance and social activities.

Clmbing Net

Use Zone: Custom

Fitness events can be added including: rockwall climbers, stepping climbers, handihold, fredrock, corkscrew, mineshaft, leaf, ring, arc, alien adventure, bedrock and more. Balance activities Are often used in access to decks or linking two decks, many overhead activities including overhead rotators, track rides, double trapeze, loop-to-loop and much more.

Independent Fitness Structures

Use Zone: Custom

Spinners and many other activities to do individually.


Many natural areas can become playgrounds with a little planning. These pictures are from a playground in the Sierra Mtns. It complies with NPSI safety requirements.


Motion Toys!

Over 40 models of animals, vehicles, swingers, teeter totters and more.


Tiny Tots!

Professionals agree that developmental progress as early as 6 months leads to much greater success later on. Large muscle first, then finer skills develop and both precede intellectual development. These models are designed for that very early learning experience.


Dino Digs!

These models are made from contemporary materials which have been cast from original digs. It helps kids understand our geologic history.