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H352 Use Zone: 31′ x 37′  H352 is a delightful model for small parks, Home Owners Associations and other similar places. It includes a curved slide from a 4′ deck for the older kids along with 2 climbers to the deck. There is a separate preschool play section featuring a double slide and hood from …

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H2732 Use Zone: 30′ x 31′ PLACEHOLDER H2732 has many activities in a small space. It has 3 decks, 2 slides with hoods, a pyramid roof, 3 types of climbers to the decks. There are a store panel and 3 other panels and  periscope. There is an ADA transfer deck. Check out our other options …

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H163 Use Zone: 36′ x 40′ H163 is a perfect example of a model serving all ages of kids. These are requested when space does not allow two models to serve each age group separately. The school age section features several climbers a slide and overhead activities for that age group. It is separated by …

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H849 Use Zone: 53′ x 65′  This model is one of our favorites in the outstanding design series. A pirate ship them with tons of activities. A spiral slide takes off from a 6′ deck on one end, a double dare slide from a 5′ deck and a double scoop slide from a 4′ deck. …

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H729 Use Zone: 23’x27′ This model is an attractive selection for very small use zones such as in apartment complexes. This is excellent for those needs. It has a 4′ deck, a double slide, a transporter climber to the dedk, a store panel and a steering wheel panel. There is an ADA transfer station. The …

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H6613 Use Zone: 50′ x 41′ H6613 is a great model for middle sized schools. It has a 6′ deck with roof and spiral slide. It has has a wave slide and corkscrew climber. There is a 4′ deck with roof and double scoop slide There is a catwalk bridge connection to a 4′ deck …

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