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Ages 5-12

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H304454R0 This model has a 5’ deck with Slide, a 4” Deck with Double slide. Access via Stepping Pods and ADA Transfer Deck.  A custom canopy is built in.

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H4290 6’ deck with Triple slide and Jungle Net access. A 4’ deck and 3’ deck feature two more slides and roofs. Two climbers, Steering Wheel and ADA compliant Transfer Deck. 

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H303138R0 This Pirate Ship theme structure features many activities for kids. The spiral deck takes off from a 6’ deck. From there double decks at 66”. 60”, 54” and 48”. There are two double slides, Jungle Net access, steering wheel, periscope and wood grain décor. The flag is for all to see. ADA compliant transfer …

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Use Zone: 36′ x 59′

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H4946 SI Use Zone: 31′ x 37′ This model was recently installed in the after school area for an outstanding school in the TriValley. It includes a 5′ deck with pyramid roof and slide. It is accessed by fredrock climber and tower climber. There is also a 3′ deck with tic tac toe panel and …

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H2638 Use Zone: 31′ x 37′  This model, originally designed for a church, has proven popular with many smaller institutions. It includes a spiral slide and hood from a 6′ deck, a slide from a 3′ deck and a series of climbers, panels and ADA transfer station from other decks.

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H3145 Use Zone: 23’x32′ This model is great for Home Owners and other institiutions with limited space. It is visually appealing. There are many other choices of colors possible. It includes a 4′ deck with wave slide and a 3′ deck with twister slide. 3 mushroom roofs give it a unique look. There is a …

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H3089 Use Zone: 54′ x 65” Square Deck, 2, Vertical Rail, 2 Slash-Proof Belt Seat, 2 Slash-Proof Baby Seat, 2 Single Slide Plastic Hood, 2, Rectangle Deck, 1 Woodgrain Porthole Panel, 1 Twister Slide 3′, 1 Transfer Station 3′, 1 The, Big Curve Twister Slide 5′, 1 Spiral Slide 6′, 1 Rudder Climber 6′, 1 …

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