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Compact Models

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H1608 Use Zone: 25′ x28′ H 2839BY was designed for a new preschool in Brentwood. It features decks at the 36″ and 48″ heights. There is a roof. Two slides: a wave slide and a twister slide. An ADA transfer station is included as well as climbing access via a handihold climber. It also has …

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H6977LO Use Zone: 25×25 H6977LO is designed for a very attractive Home Owners Association in the Tri-Valley. The Forest Theme is one of the most popular. There are many activities that can be added to it, if the use zone available is greater than 25’x25′. The quality of the system is exceptional. The materials are …

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H729 Use Zone: 23’x27′ This model is an attractive selection for very small use zones such as in apartment complexes. This is excellent for those needs. It has a 4′ deck, a double slide, a transporter climber to the dedk, a store panel and a steering wheel panel. There is an ADA transfer station. The …

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