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Preschool Ages (2-5)

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H1274 This model is a 40×20 feet structure that is great for long and narrow spaces. A Lot of institutions that are looking for a nice structure but do not have a lot of space, this is a great fit. It is nice and long and narrow. 

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H4209 Use Zone: 20′ x 22′ This model, especially suited for Tiny tots, features a little playhouse with crawl-through tunnel. There are a playship porthole panel window, a door panel, a playship mini helm panel. The extended play counter features a tic tac toe panel, a bubble window panel and playship porthole panel. There is …

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H4130 Use Zone: 22’x23′ This model is a playship theme with a crawl-through tunnel. The extended playcounter features  a playship window panel and a porthole panel. On the sides are tic tac toe and bubble panels. kThe other side has a Playship window panel also. There is a roof over it. Panels are of HDPE …

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WeeWorld Use Zone: 23’x26”  Wee World is tested by kids.  It features a cute playhouse with windows and roof with pictures.  It also has a little play table with seat. There is a jungle net for climbing and a crawl through tunnel. Activity panels include the painting panel, bubble window and ladder panel. Yes, changes …

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H2839BY Use Zone: 27’x32′ H 2839BY was designed for a new preschool in Brentwood. It features decks at the 36″ and 48″ heights. There is a roof. Two slides: a wave slide and a twister slide. An ADA transfer station is included as well as climbing access via a handihold climber. It also has a …

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H4208 Use Zone: 27’x33′ This model features natural colors: green, brown and tan.. There are two slides, 4 decks and 2 roofs.In addition to ADA Transfer station, there is a handihold climber and a steel climber for access. There are panels such as steering wheel, musical panel, store panel and others. The product quality is …

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H1727SH Use Zone: 36′ x 40′ This model looks appealing to kids of all ages. So it is a great choice for areas for which two structures (one for each age group) are not suitable. It was designed for a park in Sonoma County.It can be classified as for ages 2 – 5, as there …

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HR2756 Rb Use Zone: 30′ x 36′  H1274 has been redesigned for better quality and great visual appeal. It features a 36″ deck with slide, a  Steering Wheel, a Slide and a Bubble Panel window.  ADA access with Transfer station. There is a Gear Panel connector to a roofed section with PlayStore, a Bench Panel …

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H5152NG Use Zone: 27’x29”  H1545 is one of a series of models with built in canopies. This one is 16′ x16′. It features a double slide and a twister slide. It has decks at a 36″ and 48″ height. In addition to the ADA access, kids can climb up via the Handihold climber to the …

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