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Preschool Ages (2-5)

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H3830PP Use Zone: 23’x29′ One of our most popular preschool models, H3830PP has appeal for children as well as preschools and other institutions.  Our first installation was at a delightful preschool in Elk Grove. It features a 24″ hex deck, a 30″  and a 36″ deck. There is a double slide and a straight slide. …

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H1532JK Use Zone: 43′ x 68′  H1532 JK has a lot of appeal. It features a twister slide and a curved slide. In addition to ADA access deck there is a climbing wall for access and climbing activity. Decks are at 3′ height. There is a play store, tic tac toe panel, a drum panel, …

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H1697BAC Use Zone: 30′ x 31′ H1697BAC is one of our most requested models. First installed in Alameda, it has proven itself. Quality components and great design. The activities are perfect for these preschoolers: a double slide, a twister slide, a single slide, a deck at 24″, and a 36′ deck. There is ADA access …

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H1545 Use Zone: 29′ x 29′

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H726 Use Zone: 23×25 H726 is proof that a very small space can contain and attractive playground. Since is was designed a few years ago, it will be redesigned to meet your needs, at your request. There are many options to select from. The color choices are many (see our chart). You can count on quality …

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H1608 Use Zone: 25′ x28′ H 2839BY was designed for a new preschool in Brentwood. It features decks at the 36″ and 48″ heights. There is a roof. Two slides: a wave slide and a twister slide. An ADA transfer station is included as well as climbing access via a handihold climber. It also has …

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