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Frequently Asked Questions

Regular playground equipment, with in-ground construction, begins in the $4,000 to $6,000 range. Smaller playhouse units, panel groupings and motion toys begin $600 to $2,000.

Pricing is determined by the design computer, which takes material price changes and any NPSI (National Playground Safety Institute) requirements into effect.  They are always subject to change. However, due to requests, we are now adding pricing to our website and brochure models as we determine them.

Our main office is located in Pleasanton, California, near the intersection of Interstate 580 and 680. It is across the street from the Stoneridge Mall.

We opened for business at the historic David Glass House in San Ramon in July 1992. We have operated continuously since then, from several addresses.

All of our products are from highly reputable manufacturers with written warranties.

Our services are also guaranteed. We never leave a customer with an unresolved issue.

Please call us at 925 287-1600. If there is a problem with a part, we can order the replacement.  Whatever the problem, we will do whatever we can to resolve it.

Just give us a call at 925 287-1600.

We believe the Henderson equipment is so well made that you can expect it to look good and be serviceable for 20 years. That is far longer than average equipment.

The National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI) recommends that all playgrounds be inspected on a regular basis, depend on usage. These inspections would indicated if anything was needing maintenance. It is very unlikely, however.

All equipment we sell has been certified by IPEMA (the manufacturers program)  for safety and compliance. Each structure is designed for certain age groups, such as ages 2 to 5, or 5  to 12.

Yes, indeed. That is what we do. We find out the age range, number of children using, space available, overall budget and play activities. From that point we can give you a number of models to consider.

If previous playground equipment is there, it must be removed and the footings dug up as well. Since each job is custom, we need to see whether previous surfacing can be re used or not.

The minimum requirement is 6’ in all directions. There are certain activities and higher events that require more.

Example:  Model B306619

Consists of 5 decks long with 4 slides, a bridge,  4 climbers and ADA transfer deck.

Preschools seem to prefer primary colors (red, blue, yellow). Home owners Associations often prefer natural: browns, tans, greens with a burgundy or blueberry accent. The new contemporary color choices are exciting for clubs and others.

The choice of colors is excellent. Talk to us.

Generally, plan on a minimum of 8 weeks during the off-season. There may be long delays during the summer months.

It depends on what you are ordering. You consultant can give an estimate.

We usually begin installation as soon as, or shortly after, delivery of the equipment.

Absolutely, the design computer can be set up to design for budget limitations as well.

California Playgrounds. We will be sure any issue is resolved.

We take checks or ACH payments.