Since every job is different from every other, the services needed are always customized. A site visit may be necessary for some, but not for all. Scheduling is coordinated by our office and the job representative.

Installation planning begins before the product decisions are made.
Space limitations or characteristics often affect the choices. After the product decisions have been made, we will provide an estimate for the work, based on industry standards.

We will clarify with you the scope of the work. Site work may be required such as major leveling, drainage provisions, removal of existing playground equipment and other issues. We will determine whether the site accommodates the use zone requirements of the equipment.

Many institutions elect to have their own contractors do the job. We will coordinate with them as well.

Installation and Service



The National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI) has published guidelines which are mandatory in California. They comply with (CPSC) Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements as appropriate for each job. All equipment and surfacing we provide is in compliance. There is a major benefit for the institution to comply in all areas: Should an accident occur, the institution may have reduced or no liability if they have complied.

Site Issues

California Playgrounds will provide an estimate of what the job will cost based on industry averages. This will not include costs for additional work such as removing and replacing fence panels for access, adding barrier walls to hold back extra soil when a cut into a slope has been made, providing drainage if necessary, fencing and others. It does include standard leveling, excavation costs associated with the surfacing and all materials, such as concrete for footings, leveling out the area and other specifics.


We will coordinate with contractor and institution to receive the shipments, do the job, resolve any issues and monitor payments. 

This mainly pertains to smaller institutions that order a playstructure infrequently.