Engaging Your Team

One major mistake that is often made involves not including all of the people into the original plan. It is important to hear what people are requesting, even if all requests cannot be accommodated. Some overlooked parties could be teachers, parents, managers, owners or maintenance people.

Things to consider are: play activities, size of structure, colors, visual appeal and budget.

Engaging Your Team


Engaging Your Team

If there are several sites to consider, we can assist with siting issues for each option. It will need to fit into the space available. It there is natural shade available from trees, there will need to be a 7 ft. clearance between the structure and overhead branches.

Safety considerations need to be evaluated, such as motor traffic, access to play area, and NPSI recommendations.

Selecting your Model

We can provide not only playgrounds but everything around your playground as well!

We have Colorful Playstructures, Multi-Surfacing options, Site Amenities; Benches, Tables, Trash, Reliable,Shade structures, and even Signage and Fencing.

  • PlaySteel FIT features almost all of the same great components of our larger products with smaller decks and posts to keep costs lower.
  • PlaySteel MAX is Henderson’s Premier playground line that features durability, product selection, size, and accessibility you’ll need.

Color Options