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Playground Surfacing

Surfacing Options

Our playground surfaces are certified to meet all applicable ASTM standards.

Playground Surfacing

Wood Products

All our Wood Products are fall height certified and easy to install. Easily the most popular option due to the reasonable cost.

  • Installation: No Concrete, Add geotextile fabric
  • Maintenance: Replenish after 2-3 years
  • Durability: N/A
Playground Surfacing

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is 100% recycled and comes in a variety of colors, it also provides fall-height protection and durability at a much lower price than Tiles or Poured-In-Place.

  • Installation: Bobcat or manual
  • Maintenance: Inspect for foreign materials.
  • Durability: 5 years
Playground Surfacing


Indestructable Product that offers a 5 - 10yr warranty and minimal maintenance. Tiles come in a variety of standard and custom colors.

  • Installation: Concrete subsurface with adhesive
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Durability: 5-10yr warranty indestructable product
Playground Surfacing


Product comes with a 5 - 10yr warranty and is manufactured on site and entirely custom, with your colors, your design and your fall-height. Durabilty can be affected by the environment

  • Installation: Concrete subsurface. Manufactured on site
  • Maintenance: May require
  • Durability: 5 - 10yr warranty
Playground Surfacing


Fall height protection for 6' standard and does not require a concrete base, saving money. Mats come in black, however wood can be added to the top for a unique appearance and more fall height protection

  • Installation: No Concrete
  • Maintenance: Reposition when needed.
  • Durability: 5yr warranty
Playground Surfacing


Long-lasting playground turf consists of a fall-height certified impact-absorbing pad, with special playground artificial turf installed on top.

  • Installation: No Concrete. Pad install and turf on top.
  • Maintenance: Periodic inspections
  • Durability: 5yr warranty on pad


Swings can no longer be attached to playstructures. Since the impact absorbing clearance requirements are very high, this increases the cost of surfacing.