Playtot models are great for all institutions that host younger kids from 18 months to 5 years old. These models have the shortest fall heights available and have a lot of fun play activities, components, and learning opportunities for this age group specifically. These options are great for day care centers, infant cares, preschools, residential options, and more! We also custom design these to your liking.

Product Quality

Henderson Recreation Equipment, with 50 years of experience manufacturing playground equipment, has developed systems for producing the highest quality in the business.

The models shown here have been designed for institutions like yours. However, it is rare to find the exact model that fits the needs of your institution, has all the requested activities, fits the space available, and needs no adjustments.


Prices for each model are determined by the Design Software which has been programmed to consider changing requirements of the National Playground Safety Institute and material changes specified.

Color Options