This model is one of countless options created from Model H2806 (see below). Activities are placed 6 to 10 feet apart. The rectangular boxes (which should be in red) are launch pads. Kids love to follow the rules. If they proceed to the next one before it has been vacated, they will lose a turn. This has 5″ posts, Max system) Let us design one for your school.
H609 is one of our most popular school models. It appeals to the kids and school admministrators alike. It has a lot of challenges and activities. There are many socializing events as well. It can be redesigned to meet  your needs. Also check our color palette for other color choices. It features 6 ft decks with a roof and a spiral slide with hood. There are alternate climbing accesses with the rockwall and tower climbers. The 5′ deck has a wave slide with corkscrew climber. There is an arch bridge (much enjoyed). The 4′ deck has transporter access and inclined ladder.  The 3′ deck has an ADA transfer station (redesigned) and panel activities. Also included are floating pods, 90 degree loop overhead and overhead rotator. The talk tubes are always popular. Other panels include play store, zany maze, telescope and airplane panel. There is another roof over the 4′ deck.