California Playgrounds specific playground layout for H2297R0


Use Zone: 47′ x 50′-8″
Rated for ages 5 to 12 

This “Farm” theme model has a lot of appeal. There is an 8 sided deck with a wheelchair ramp access. It has levels at 12” and 36” There is a twister slide from the 36” deck. The other side gives access to several overhead activities. There is a 48” deck leading to the big barn featuring the big barn roof. A spiral slide exits from the 66” deck. There is a starglide curved slide that exits from a 60” deck.

Climbers include: spacewalk, ridgerock, rockwall a rudder and handihold. Panels include the cow barn, sheep barn tic tac toe, treasure hunt, sign language,musical chime and drum panels. There are talk tubes and a double wave climber.