Use Zone: 29′ x 40′

H6366 was designed for the lower grades of a school in our neighborhood. It features the Fit system with 3 1/2″ posts. and standard components. The spiral slide exits from a 6′ high deck with roof (or canopy). There is a Cluster Climber for access. The 5′ deck is exited by a Double Scoop Slide and accessed with a Rockwall Climber.  There is an inclined connector from the 6′ deck to the 5′ decks, which host the rudder climber, Ring Climber and Spacewalk. The 1 ft. deck has a Cobra climber with Crunch Bar and an Overhead Rotator. there is a 36″ deck with Jungle Net and ADA Transfer Station.  From there an Inclined Connector leads to 48″ deck with Curved Slide, Stepping Pod Climber and Ridge Rock Climber. There are many options for substitutions and changes. We suggest that this be a source of ideas from which we can design your own model.