Use Zone: 137′-6″ x 43′-7″

H6421 was designed for a terrific neighborhood school just outside of the Bay Area.  It features a 6′ spiral slide from a roofed deck with Rockwall climber and Funnel access.  The next deck at 5′ height features a Curved Slide and Tower Climber.  More decks lead to the 4′ decks, on features a Double Scoop Slide, the other has a pyramid roof and ADA Transfer station.  Cosmic Ray leads to the Orbis section which includes the Wormhole anchor, with Prime Arch UFO Climber, Microgravity Spinner and Mini Orbis Arch.  The other side has a Jansky Wave and Double Overhead Rotator and Calisto Climber with Stepping Pad.  This is designed in the Fit Series which features 3½″ posts and standard size components.  It is suggested that this be a guide for selecting the activities and look for your own design.  Many substitutions are available.  We can design from scratch.  Check our color palette.