Henderson Products


Henderson is one of the largest playground manufacturers in North America with over 50 years of experience in the business.  Henderson builds products to last a lifetime.

We take pride in all of our quality products and quality services. Henderson recreation equipment is known to have the best quality on the market, and ones that last for a very long time. When we set up these projects we want customers to not have to worry about this playground after it is put in. That is the case here. The Quality from the steel, the plastics, the colors, shade canopy systems, and all small playground items  are all built for the long term, and models maintain their look for 15+ years down the line. Below are a few examples of the processes that are taken to ensure this long-lasting Quality. Contact us today, if you would like more specifications, we have them all!

Posts and Inserts!

Posts and Railings are given a 5-step treatment

Treatment starts with a zinc-rich inner coat, next a continuous in-line galvanized coat, then it is topped with a conversion coating which prepares the surface for the clear polymer coat. Afterwards it is topped with a polyester dry powder coating.

Heart of the strength is the insert

The inserts make it possible to install a perfect structure as holes are factory pre-drilled. A part can be changed without difficulty by removing the insert and replacing the part. Each Insert can carry a load of 7500lbs. (weight of a pickup truck). There are four inserts used on each deck.

Bolt and Go Inserts are Strong!

One insert can take a load of 7500 lbs. That is more than enough to hang a pick up truck from one insert. And four are used on a square deck!

Testing and Coatings!

Cycle Testing

Bearing are tested for 1 million cycles with 900lbs. this assures us that moving parts will not break.

Safety First

Decks are coated with a safe PVC coating

Load Testing

All Appropriate parts are load-tested with weights up to 7000lbs

Standards and Certifications